Don't take the risk, find good tenants

We’ve all heard stories of tenants destroying homes, causing 5 or even 6 figure damage bills and leaving landlords with little or no recourse. Some of us have been unlucky enough to experience this first hand. It’s not until after the damage is done, and the tenant has run off that we often discover that our insurance won’t cover a large portion of the bill, and it’s virtually impossible to get anything from the tenant’s themselves. At this point we find ourselves thinking “I wish I’d never rented to these people”.

That’s where The Tenant Review comes in. Landlords are using The Tenant Review to leave honest reviews for their tenants, and search existing reviews about prospective tenants to prevent themselves and each other from renting to people who don’t deserve to be in your house.

Once you realise that the repair bill from a bad tenant can cost you 5 YEARS RENT or more, it becomes obvious that spending a small amount of money to do a background check is money well spent!

Join The Tenant Review today, and sleep well tonight.