Don't take the risk, find good tenants

For years, bad tenants have been ripping off Landlords and damaging rental properties. When you finally get them out of your house, they just go to the next house and do the same thing to the next Landlord. is dedicated to providing landlords and property managers with the best chance of selecting the best possible tenants for your investment property.
The Tenant Review gives you the opportunity to give your tenants exactly what they deserve... an honest review. If you've got great tenants, they deserve to get a great referral from you. If you've had horrible tenants, they deserve exactly what's coming...a bad referral on their permanent record.
Before you approve a new prospective tenant, check our tenant review database for the extra piece of mind that comes from reading real reviews from previous landlords and property managers.

Best of all, it's completely free to become a member, read reviews from other landlords and property managers, and write your own reviews. 

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